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Farewell The Dear Video By Quique Rodriguez-Pastor

The Tyler Nail Trio took a trip to Gatlinburg TN in 2014. Or early 2015. We played at Sugarland's Distilling, one of our favorite spots in Gatlinburg. Before we left the next day, we decided to go out and see some of the sights. We mainly went across the street to the arcade and the needle. While we were there, we were all playing with our phones and capturing some of the atmosphere. We found it to be worth taking note of. Around that time I had recently written Farewell The Dear. Quique had the idea to record a take of that song once we got home, and asked that we give him our footage from the trip so that he could play with an idea he had for a video.

Quique had an idea for a video, and asked us to sit down and operform Farewell The Dear once we got home. So we did. This is the video Quique made of it.


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