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Tyler Nail

Americana/Folk songwriter with a unique Appalachian sound

Tyler Nail is a powerful singer, guitarist and storyteller


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Touring History

Tyler Nail has toured the entirety of the East Coast

And as far west as Texas

Playing music halls, Festivals, bars & House Concerts


American singer Tyler Nail is a compelling performer who combines the sounds of Country, Americana, and Folk music with ease. The North Carolina artist has established himself as a major player in the music business with his poetic lyrics and stellar vocals.

Informed by the rich history of American roots music, Nail adds a genuine and unadulterated feel to his tunes. His ability to relate stories carries the audience to a place where longing, love, and sorrow are all intertwined. Nail possesses a unique capacity to establish a strong emotional connection with his audience.

Nail skillfully combines avant-garde musicianship with the classic familiar sounds of Americana and Country music. His compositions are full of catchy harmonies, twangy guitar licks, and expressive lyrics that conjure vivid images in the listener's head. From tragedy to the little pleasures in life, Nail's music speaks to listeners in a deeply relatable way.

A real artist, Tyler Nail stands out in the music business with his distinct sound. Nail's mesmerizing tales and commanding vocals never fail to enthrall listeners and make an impression. Watch out for this gifted musician as he keeps adding to his legacy in the music industry.

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