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Wolves Video

Wolves is a Phosphorescent song I've been into for a long time. I decided to record a version of it just as winter was starting to show up. I wanted to make a video that included the snow, and I felt like doing a painted face thing. I won't get into my every intention behind it, but part of the vision was to create a contrast between this deep, dark, still space and this wide, bright, more chaotic space.

The unexpected thing was that just as we were heading out to begin filming in the snow, a coyote ran up on us. Coyotes are the closest thing we have here to wolves, so it felt a little fateful. I grabbed the camera and got all the little shots of him I could get, and he was gone in a flash.

I record these cover songs because I love them. I aim to create a video that conveys the experience I have with the song. Wolves is a dark little number. I made this video to paint a picture of a man creating his own wolves and existing as them. He's his own downfall, fear and worst enemy.

Johnathan Loos ran the camera and helped mix the song. This wasn't exactly a huge production. I just wanted to knock something out while we had the snow to play with. But I think we captured some fitting stuff.




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