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The End Of The Tyler Nail Trio

The Tyler Nail Trio will be playing our final 3 shows in March. Our final Winston-Salem area show will be this Thursday (March 3rd) at Muddy Creek café. We’ll then play March 13th in Walnut Cove, NC, and March 18th in Floyd, VA.

There are a few reasons for this change. One is that John and Quique are both being pulled toward new places. Nothing is set in stone, but it seems likely that John and Quique will both be moving on to new locations for their own respective reasons. These moves could be temporary or could be prolonged. We aren’t sure what the result will be. But regardless of that, I'm also being pulled in new directions artistically. Change would be taking place whether the guys were sticking around or not. Lately I’ve been working with Josh Ling (guitarist), and I’ve worked on and off with Daniel Faust (drummer) for a few years. Along with John and Quique, I’ve wanted to expand our show to include more people for some time now. Playing with Daniel and Josh brings out a new way of performing the songs I write. After years of performing as the Tyler Nail Trio, something new is very appealing to me. So I'm not exactly putting together a new band, but I do plan on performing with more than just a trio as I carry on.

John, Quique and I intend to continue working together in whatever way we can. Depending on how temporary these moves are, it could be that one or both of them might be a part of whatever I develop in the coming months. It could be that we’ll work together from a distance, or that we’ll not perform together anymore. We really don’t know. But it was important to us to clarify that we aren’t “breaking up,” like bands do. We three are truly the best of friends. The circumstances have just led us to a place that requires a reaction, and this is how it’s working out. We all three need to take our own steps into the unknown for our own sakes. We’ll find satisfaction wherever we land.

This, by the way, changes nothing about our artistic ambitions. I’ll be playing solo and full-band shows around the Piedmont, the state, and hopefully the region. Hell, I might even perform with a trio at some point, but with different fellows alongside me. And I’ll be developing my new project, Grace and Nails. John and I are still working on recording projects together. John and Quique will still be working on their own artistic visions. No one’s dying. No one’s giving up his passions. We’re just turning a page and seeing what happens.

The Muddy Creek show is going to act as our local farewell night. We’ll have a grand time with it. We hope you’ll come out and celebrate the (three or so) years that the Trio has performed, traveled and created together. Though it seems sad to me, good things will come of the change. Here’s looking forward to it.


Farewell The Dear by The Tyler Nail Trio


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